Junior Competition Grand Finals

Junior competition Grand Final times have been announced.

Winning teams members will receive 1 ticket each to the Kings game that day.

Congratulations and good luck!!!


Competition Teams Date/Time
U14 Boys N1DP vs Wizards Wednesday 4/12/19 @ 7pm
U16.1 Boys N1DP vs Jezza 3 Friday 6/12/19 @ 7pm
U20 Men No BS vs Ryde Ballers Friday 6/12/19 @ 8pm
U10 Mixed Blazers vs Heat Sunday 8/12/19 @ 9am
U12 Boys Tornadoes vs Grizzlies Sunday 8/12/19 @ 10am
U12/14 Girls TBA vs TBA Sunday 8/12/19 @ 11am
U16.3 Boys Homenetmen Antranig vs Gorillas Sunday 8/12/19 @ 12:15pm
U18 Boys Oilers vs OKC Sunday 8/12/19 @ 1:30pm
U16.2 Boys Soul Train vs Vipers Sunday 8/12/19 2:45pm