Domestic Competition By-laws

 February 2022


    1.  Basketball is a family-orientated sport and basketball related activities are conducted by Inner West Bulls Basketball Ltd (IWB) primarily to promote teamwork, sportsmanship and community spirit for all participants. With this in mind, Inner West Bulls expects all participants to adhere to the spirit of the rules, with fun and healthy recreation as the primary goals rather than displaying a win at all costs attitude.
    2. IWB shall be the governing body for the authorisation, implementation and enforcement of the By-laws.
    3. These by-laws should be considered in conjunction with the FIBA Rules of Basketball & the Official Rules of Basketball. Where a conflict exists between these documents, these by-laws shall take precedence. FIBA, Basketball Australia & NSW Basketball Association Ltd (NSWBAL) shall contribute as governing bodies in relation to their relevant areas of responsibility.
    4. Inner West Bulls Basketball Ltd maintains a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding:
      1. Persistent and/or wilful challenging of the decisions of referees
      2. Abuse of referees, players, officials, spectators or other members
      3. Violence against players, officials, spectators or other members
      4. Conduct deemed inappropriate for a community sporting environment
    5. These by-laws shall apply to the operation of any local competition(s) and participants therein, operated or directed by IWB
    6. By participating in any role within a competition operated or directed by IWB or entering a venue under the control or direction of IWB, any individual agrees to abide by these by-laws, IWB Codes of Conduct and/or IWB policy as stated or implied.
    7. It shall be the responsibility of any participant in any role within any competition operated or directed by IWB, or entering any venue under the control of IWB, to be aware of the most recent version of the by-laws and/or codes of conduct.
    8. In these by-laws, an authorised representative of IWB shall refer to:
      1. A current member of the IWB Management, including local competition manager; head of basketball operations or general manager
      2. A current member of the IWB Administration team including office staff, Court Supervisors and Referee Supervisors
      3. A current member of the IWB Board of Directors
    9. For the purposes of the by-laws, the term “registration” shall also include affiliation except where specifically stated.
    10. For the purposes of the by-laws, the term sport shall refer to “Basketball” in any format conducted by IWB or other governing bodies of the sport.
    11. Team benches are to be occupied only by team members, coaches and team managers. All spectators are required to be in the spectator seating areas provided.
    12. Team benches including players and Team Coaches should refrain from addressing opposition players whilst they are on the court
    13. Team captains act as representatives of the team during the game. Captains are permitted to make enquiries of game officials on behalf of team members provided such enquiries are made in an appropriate manner. Continual questioning of game officials is not permitted. Captains are required to provide reasonable assistance to game and IWB officials in ensuring teams behave in an appropriate manner.
    14. Coaches and team managers are required to provide all reasonable assistance to game and IWB officials in ensuring teams behave and participate in an appropriate manner.
    15. Team members and/or spectators must not approach officials at the end of a fixture and must direct all queries through the Court Supervisor or Referee Supervisor.
    16. The final grading of teams shall be at the discretion of IWB. Where a team is considered to be too strong for a particular grade or competition, IWB reserves the right to move the team to a more appropriate grade/competition as a condition of entry.
    17. In the event of injury, it is the responsibility of the injured party to notify IWB administration of the circumstances of the injury as soon as possible.
    18. IWB may conduct Competition Briefing Sessions prior to or during the season. IWB reserves the right to require certain teams to attend these sessions as a condition of entry or during the season as deemed necessary by IWB.
    19. Three-point baskets will count as two-point baskets in competitions up to and including U/12s.
    20. As IWB encourages all junior teams to play man to man defence, there is a formal ‘Zone Rule’ in IWB local competitions. Up to and including Under 14 age groups must not play a zone defence at IWB run competitions.
    21. For the purpose of the By-Laws, the term “scoresheet” shall also include electronic scoring programs such as Stadium Scoring and Courtside
    22. Mercy rule: To promote enjoyable basketball, in junior competitions where a team leads a team by 20 points or more the referee shall direct the leading team to employ a half-court defence.  The sanction for failing to do so after notification by officials of such a rule being invoked is a Technical Foul on the player defending in the frontcourt.

    1. All players must have their name entered on the scoresheet or on the electronic application and must be entered into the playing group on the application.
    2. Players shall only register with one (1) team per competition unless they apply for, and receive, approval from IWB to represent 2 teams and permission from both teams to do so and clearly indicate also clearly indicate a primary and secondary team affiliation where conflicts occur.
    3. Players whose names are pre-printed on the scoresheet or electronic application may join the game at any time up to the final buzzer. Players joining the game after the start of the second half must report to the Court Supervisor prior to doing so.
    4. Where a name is not pre-printed on the scoresheet or on the electronic application, that player must print their full name on the scoresheet and register or present proof of registration to the Court Supervisor before taking the court.
    5. Unregistered players will be indicated on scoresheets by (EXP) beside a player’s name. They will also be highlighted in Yellow. Unregistered players will be refused entry to a game if adequate proof of registration is not furnished to the Court Supervisor before taking the court OR at the discretion of the Supervisor may be allowed to take the court upon signing a waiver and commitment to rectify registration by the following game.
    6. Unregistered ‘fill in’ players may be used in up to 3 games each.  Representative players are prohibited from filling in with other teams under any circumstances and Play-off games can only involve eligible players who have qualified through an appropriate level of game splayed through the season
      1. Fill-in’s must sign a participation waiver each time prior to taking the court unless fully registered.
      2. A $15 fee may be applied and must be paid prior to taking the court at the discretion of the Supervisor
      3. Upon playing a 4th game they must register with IWB and NSWBAL prior to taking the court.
      4. This by-law applies within the grounds set in section 7.5 of these by-laws.
      5. If a team has insufficient players to field a team they may recruit a non-representative player as a fill in from another team subject to:
        • Approval of the Court Supervisor
        • Permission from the opponent team to do so
    7. Teams are required to be located and remain in the team bench area during the course of the game unless disqualified or ejected. Team A shall be located to the left of the scorebench while facing towards the court and Team B shall be located to the opposite side of the scorebench unless both teams agree to swap.
    8. All substitutions, time outs, etc must be directed through the scoretable.
    9. Fingernails extending beyond the end of the finger must be trimmed or taped with a soft material-style tape for the duration of the game. Sports gloves are not permitted.
    10. Any visible body piercing jewellery must be removed or taped before taking the court. All necklaces and bracelets must be removed before taking the court. IWB accepts no responsibility for body piercing jewellery not visible or any injury resulting from said jewellery. Wristbands, other than sweat bands made of a suitable material, are not permitted.
    11. Any other equipment that may potentially injure other participants in any way or that does not comply with any other regulations in the sport must be removed.
    12. Any player suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and/or any illicit substance will not be permitted to take the court. Any player displaying behaviour deemed by game officials or a Referee or Court Supervisor to be caused by being under influence of any such substance during a game shall be removed from the court immediately.

    1. Unisex is a social competition and players must play within the spirit of the competition.
    2. Any player wishing to take part in the Open Unisex Competition must be turning a minimum of 14 years of age in the year the competition commences.
    3. A maximum of two male players is permitted on court at one time.
    4. If a team is unable to field a third female player during a game, this vacancy on the team may not be filled by a male player.
    5. A male player may take a defensive position in front of a female player but must not attempt to block her shot. The male player’s feet must remain on the ground and his hands within his cylinder. Infractions of this rule may be penalised by the shooter receiving two (2) free throws.
    6. Unisex will be played with a size 7 ball.

    1. All players must register on the official registration form (either hard copy or online) and pay the appropriate fee before taking the court for their first game.
    2. It is the player’s responsibility to maintain current registration at all times. IWB reserves the right to refuse participation to any unregistered person/s.

    1. Teams must submit the official IWB Team Entry Form (either hard copy or online), accompanied by the appropriate entry fee, on or before the date specified on the entry form.
    2. It is a condition of entry that the manager and coach provide a working with children check number and date of birth on the IWB Team Entry Form if they are associated with children under the age of 18.
    3. Entries will only be accepted if signed by a responsible adult who is prepared to act as team manager. These signatories shall be held responsible for the conduct of the team. An adult party acting as manager and/or coach must attend each game and be located in the bench area for the duration of the game.
    4. Teams may nominate a maximum of 10 players per team.
    5. Any late player nominations must be registered (as per by-law 4.1) and listed on a Team Addition/Deletion form before taking the court. At the discretion of IWB and its officials new players may be allowed to play if they:
      1. Indicate a commitment to complete registration prior to following week
      2. Sign the IWB Waiver form before taking the court
    6. Players cannot be added to the roster after week 5. Requests to waive this rule will be considered on a case by case basis.
    7. For Junior competitions:
      1. Teams with four representative players on the roster must play at least one age group higher than that for which they are eligible OR can only field 3 representative players on court at any one time.  A 4th Representative player is allowed to be on court if they are underage.  i.e. Playing in an age group older than their Representative eligibility.
      2. Breach of this rule will be a Technical Foul levied the Coach.  Representative players are deemed to be any player representing an Association in a Waratah League Representative Competition sanctioned by Basketball NSW.  Development players training with the Representative teams are not deemed Representative players for the purposes of this particular by-law.
    8. For the purposes of By-Law 5.7, a representative player is one who is a member of a representative team of any association in the year of competition commencement.
    9. IWB reserves the right to waive or alter By-Law 5.7 in the interest of placing a team in an appropriate grade/competition.
    10. IWB is not bound by any offer of entry to accept nomination by any team or individual to any competition under its control. Where a team entry is not accepted by IWB the entry fee shall be refunded.
    11. IWB reserves the right to restrict junior players from playing in older age groups at its sole discretion where the situation is deemed to be contrary to the best interests of the individual and/or the competition.
    12. Any team withdrawing from the competition after the close of nomination within 5 weeks of the competition commencement will forfeit their nomination fee and pay a withdrawal fee equal to three forfeit fines, along with any outstanding court fees of games already played.
    13. Any Team that withdraws after 5 weeks of the season must pay all remaining court fees for the remainder of the season.

    1. Court fees schedules will be published on the entry form and club website.
    2. Team court fees are payable by Cash, Eftpos, Online payment or Bank Transfer:
      1. One invoice will be issued in competitions of 11 or fewer weeks
      2. Two invoices will be issued in competitions of 12 weeks or more length.  Approximately half the total value each.
      3. Invoices are due within 2 weeks of issue
      4. Junior Court fees are determined based on the length of the competition and charged per player.
      5. Junior fees are due by week 4 of the competition.
      6. IWB reserves the right to modify the amount for players who join mid-season.
    3. All team or individual payments must be made by the due date. Non-payment of court fees by the due date may result in being refused permission to take the court, loss of competition points or removal from the competition.
    4. IWB reserves the right to utilise the services of a third party to recover any unpaid debts.

    1. A competition shall be defined by age/day for Juniors and grade/day for Seniors
    2. Once a player has played for one team in a particular competition, they may not transfer to another team in that competition without written permission from IWB.
    3. Players may participate in a number of competitions (eg: Senior Men Monday and Senior Men Wednesday or U/13’s and U/14’s)
    4. Exceptions to 7.3 will be allowed where a player is filling in for a team in a higher grade. Once a player has played six games in the higher grade they will be considered ineligible for the previous lower grade. Once a player has played for a particular team in a higher grade, they may only play for that team in that competition.
    5. Where a team is fielding players who are not on its regular roster a) a minimum of three (3) players from the regular roster must participate in the game and b) it may only do so where the total number of players for that game does not exceed six.
    6. Where a player is participating in two competitions and games are scheduled for the same timeslot, the player may only play in one game in that timeslot.
    7. In all age-governed competitions, players will become ineligible to participate where that player achieves the upper age listed during any calendar year in which the competition is played (e.g.  players nominated in the U/16 competition for the 2017 Summer Competition may turn a maximum of 15 in 2017 Calendar year). This is subject to IWB management.
    8. Teams fielding an ineligible player shall forfeit each game where the team is found to be in breach of these by-laws.

    1. Uniform tops must be matching. Uniform bottoms may be a different colour to the tops but must all be matching. Minor variations in trim may be acceptable. Variations in the form of additional colour panels are not acceptable. Assessment of variations will be undertaken on a case by case basis and IWB’s ruling shall be final.
    2. A different one or two digit number (00, 0 – 99) must be displayed on the front and back of each playing top. Numbers must be clearly legible, of a contrasting colour to the uniform top and must be fixed to the uniform. The sole exception is for the Under 10 competition where numbers are not mandatory.
      Numbers taped or pinned are not considered to be fixed.
    3. Full length “Skins” that extend below the elbow are not permitted.
    4. Undergarments (e.g. “bike shorts” and/or “under-shirts”) which protrude from under the uniform may be worn provided they are the same colour as the team uniform.
    5. All players must be attired in the correct uniform by the fourth week of competition. Requests for an extension must be made in writing to the Competition Manager. Players not in correct uniform by the fourth week of competition (without valid exemption) will not be permitted to take the court or 4 points will be awarded to the opposition.
    6. No part of the uniform may feature external pockets or any other feature with the potential to cause injury.
    7. Bandanas, beanies and other similar headwear are not permitted.
    8. In the event of a clash of colours, the team listed as Team A shall be required to wear alternative uniforms. If these teams meet in the next round, the other team shall be required to change.
    9. Teams refusing to change uniforms, as per by-law 8.8 shall be assessed a forfeit loss.
    10. If deemed necessary, officials may instruct players to tuck in uniform tops.
    11. Footwear must be purpose-designed for use on the playing surface used for the competition. Any damage caused by inappropriate footwear shall be the responsibility of the wearer.
    12. IWB may provide hire uniforms for an individual player or an entire team under certain circumstances. A hire fee may be payable prior to collection of the hire uniform. Hire uniforms remain the property of IWB and must be returned at the completion of the game.
    13. Where a team uses IWB hire uniforms, IWB reserves the right to charge the hiring party for any damage incurred to, or loss of hire uniforms or any part thereof.

    1. In the absence of a time display on a scoreboard, officials may use the adjacent court’s scoreboard or other alternate device to determine the duration and/or termination of a playing period.
    2. Standard timing regulations for round games shall be:
      1. 1 x 2 minute warm-up period
      2. 2 x 19 minute halves for running clock games.
      3. 1 x 2 minute half time period
      4. The final minute of the game shall be fully timed if the points differential is 9 or less in senior games
      5. The final minute of the game shall be fully timed if the points differential is 7 or less in junior games
    3. IWB reserves the right to alter these regulations (and the timing of specific games) when deemed necessary in order to allow games to be commenced in a timely fashion.
    4. During games with a running clock, teams shall be permitted 1 x 1-minute time-out per half.  The clock will NOT stop during the timeout.
    5. During fully timed games, teams will be permitted 1 x 1-minute timeout in the first half and 2 x 1-minute timeouts in the second half.  Only 1 timeout may be used in the final 2 minutes of the game.
    6. In the event of a tied score at the end of regulation playing time:
      1. In a round game, the result shall stand as a draw
      2. In a Quarter Final, Semi Final or Grand Final, such 3 minute periods of extra time shall be played as are required to obtain a result.
    7. Standard timing regulations for grand finals for competitions using a running clock:
      1. 1 x 5 minute warm-up period.
      2. 2 x 19 minute halves.
      3. 1 x 2 minute half time period
      4. Each team is permitted one time out in the first half.
      5. Each team is permitted two time-outs in the second half, only one may be used in the final 2 minutes of play.
      6. The final minute of the game shall be fully timed.
      7. The final minute of any extra period shall be fully timed.
      8. Each team is permitted one time out per extra period.
    8. Standard timing regulations for grand finals for fully timed competitions shall be as per round games.
    9. Clock stops for injuries at the discretion of game officials
    10. IWB reserves the right to alter these regulations if deemed necessary.

    1. A team may commence a game with a minimum of four players.
    2. Where a team is unable to field at least 4 players at the scheduled starting time, the game clock shall start and the team shall incur a penalty of 2 points per minute or part thereof until such time as the required number of players is achieved up to a maximum of 10 minutes and 20 points. Where the team does not have four players after 10 minutes, the game shall be declared a forfeit.
    3. Where a team forfeits the score shall be recorded as 20 – 0.
    4. Where both teams fail to appear with at least four players after 10 minutes, the game shall be declared a double forfeit and the score recorded as 0-0.
    5. All Forfeits will result in a fine equal to that of the opposing teams court fees.  Fines will be added to next court fees or are payable before semi-finals, whichever is sooner.
      1. Teams giving 24 hours notice of forfeit will receive 0 competition points.
      2. Teams failing to advise within 24 hours of the game shall receive minus 3 competition points.
    6. Any team that forfeits 3 times in a competition may be removed from the competition and/or finals series.

    1. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants, IWB shall adopt the NSWBAL Disciplinary Tribunal By-Laws as part of these IWB By-Laws. If requested, a copy of the NSWBAL Disciplinary Tribunal By-Laws will be made available to any person involved in a tribunal hearing.
    2. The NSWBAL Disciplinary Tribunal By-Laws allow for the conduct of an Administrative Tribunal in certain circumstances. IWB reserves the right to deal with any reports of misconduct via an Administrative Tribunal, regardless of restrictions set out in the NSWBAL Disciplinary By-Laws.
    3. A Tribunal Committee will be appointed by IWB to:
      1. adjudicate on any matter or dispute directed to it by any game official or authorised representative
      2. adjudicate upon any matter related to or reflecting upon the operation, performance or representation of the club or the sport of Basketball as referred to it by the IWB or IWB Management.
    4. Any player, coach, team official or team follower may be cited and reported to appear before the tribunal if, in the opinion of a game official, Court Supervisor or authorised representative of IWB, s/he:
      1. has drawn the sport of Basketball into disrepute
      2. has drawn the operations or reputation of IWB into disrepute
      3. has drawn the role of a game official into disrepute
      4. has acted in a manner that is detrimental to the proper and efficient conduct, control or administration of Basketball by IWB.
      5. has contravened the by-laws, policies or guidelines of a governing body of the sport.
    5. The reporting person shall lodge any citation or report in writing on the official form within 1 month of the occurrence of the incident giving rise to the report. All reports shall be forwarded to IWB office as soon as possible and staff shall take any reasonable steps to ensure a copy of the report form is forwarded to the charged person.
    6. Where a person is required to attend a Disciplinary Tribunal, the reported person is free to play, coach, manage or attend IWB premises until the relevant hearing has been held.
    7. Where an alleged offence has been committed against a registered player, the aggrieved party may be invited to attend the hearing.
    8. The reporting official, supporting official or party and reported person are required to attend the tribunal hearing.
    9. Where the reported person does not attend the hearing, the tribunal shall be entitled to implement a finding based on the evidence available.
    10. Where the reporting official does not attend the hearing, the tribunal shall be entitled to implement a finding based on the evidence available. The tribunal chairman may refer the absent official to the IWB Referee Advisory Committee (RAC) for further action.
    11. Where any party is not of legal age, said party may be accompanied at all times throughout the tribunal process by a party of legal age.
    12. Both the reporting official and the reported person are permitted, within reason, to bring witnesses to support their case. These witnesses are required to abide by any instruction or directive provided by the tribunal.
    13. Any party found to have interfered in any way with the tribunal process through misinformation or any type of fraudulent behaviour, may be cited to appear before the tribunal or the IWB to face further action.
    14. Where any party chooses to have legal representation, said representation must advise their intended presence in writing a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the scheduled hearing.
    15. Where any player participates whilst suspended any games in which they are involved shall be awarded on forfeit to the opposing team.
    16. Any party appealing a finding of the Tribunal must address that appeal to the IWB Appeals Tribunal in writing. Unless the IWB Tribunal grants permission, appellants are not permitted to participate in Basketball activities until the appeal is heard. A non refundable fee of $200 will be charged to any party or parties making an appeal
    17. For the immediate safety of participants and club property, IWB reserves the right to penalise the following infringements via the Administrative Tribunal system and to suspend players from competition:
      1. Hanging from rings (except to avoid injury) will be an automatic Technical foul and referral to the Tribunal
      2. Misuse or abuse of equipment (incl. nets)
    18. IWB reserves the right to pass on the cost of any repair or replacement of damaged property
    19. All complaints, protests or appeals must be lodged in writing to the General Manager by close of business within two (2) working days of the match or alleged incident, for referral to the appropriate bodies.
    20. The decision of the IWB or their duly appointed representative shall be final except where an appeal process is provided for by any of the governing bodies of the sport.
    21. If the IWB by-laws are silent on any matter, the relevant by-laws of NSWBAL or any authorised governing body shall apply.
    22. Any player be assessed with a 2nd Technical and/or Unsportsmanlike Foul, s/he will be ejected from the game and therefore from the playing area. (e.g. 2 x Tech fouls = ejection, 2 x US fouls = ejection, 1 x tech foul + 1 US foul = ejection).
    23. Players penalised under11.21 may not participate in any capacity including filling any role on the Score bench. Where necessary, the substitute shall remain as scorer reducing the team by one player.
    24. While seated on the Team Bench for any infringement under 11.21, any further Technical Foul shall also be deemed a “personal penalty” for the purposes of any further decision under 11.21 and any ensuing disciplinary action.
    25. IWB reserves the right to address alleged misconduct via letters of warning, disciplinary meetings, the disciplinary tribunal or any other means deemed suitable for the circumstances.
    26. An automatic minimum 1 week penalty will occur for any player ejected from a game.  This penalty will be served concurrently with any further penalties determined by IWB.  This penalty is compulsory regardless of 11.6 and applies to all club competitions.
    27. A Player who receives a total of 4 technical fouls through the season will receive an automatic 1-game suspension.  The player will receive another 1-game suspension should their total reach 6 technical fouls.  Every technical after this will incur a 1-game suspension.
    28. IWB reserves the right to apply penalties outside of the NSWBAL disciplinary by-laws before a player becomes eligible to return
    29. A technical foul or unsportsmanlike foul that relates to the following will result in a 5 minute suspension period prior to re-entering the game:
      1. Dissent or verbal abuse
      2. A flagrant foul

    1. Competition points will be awarded as follows:
      1. Win = 3 points; Loss = 1 point; Draw = 2 points; Bye = 2 points;
      2. Forfeit = –3 points; Notified Forfeit = 0 points; Receiving Forfeit = 3 points
    2. Where a team joins a competition midway through the season they will be entitled to 1.5 points per game missed, rounded up to the nearest whole number.
    3. Where a scoresheet error is discovered at the time of recording, scores and/or results may be altered to reflect the correct result. Teams will be advised should the result be altered.
    4. If a game cannot be played due to factors beyond the control of IWB, the association reserves the right to reschedule the game to another time and/or date. If the game cannot be rescheduled, the game may be declared drawn.
    5. Where a game has begun and is terminated due to factors beyond the control of IWB, the result may be determined by the score at the time of termination or by other means as seen fit by IWB.
    6. In the event of 2 or more teams finishing equal on competition points at the conclusion of round games, placings shall be decided by:
      1. the win/loss results between the tied teams, THEN
      2. points for and against from games involving the tied teams only, THEN
      3. Total points for and against from all round games, THEN
      4. Technical fouls called against the team, THEN
      5. Total fouls against a team
    7. The club reserves the right to disqualify a team from finals consideration should they have been issued an official warning throughout the season.  This may be used above the tie-breakers in 12.

    1. Each team is required to provide ONE ONLY representative for score bench duty for any game in which they play. Teams may have more than one representative on the score bench only where one party is training the other. Training will only be permitted up to four (4) weeks prior to semi finals.
    2. Where a team fails to supply a scorer, that team will have no right of query or appeal in relation to any matter pertaining to the scoring or timekeeping of that game.
    3. One team’s representative shall complete the scoresheet while the other team’s representative shall operate the electronic scoreboard. If either representative wishes to swap roles at half time, this swap must take place.
    4. Where the game officials or an authorised representative of IWB considers the performance of a scorebench representative to be affecting the game adversely, they shall be authorised to replace that scorebench representative.
    5. Game officials shall be entitled to forfeit a game where a team fails or refuses to comply with any part of Section 13 of these by-laws.
    6. Continual failure to comply with Section 13 of these by-laws in part or whole may result in the removal or future exclusion of teams and/or individuals from competitions conducted by IWB.
    7. For senior games, IWB will make every effort to provide trained scorebench officials, however should this not be possible, teams are required to adhere to Section 13 of these by-laws
  14. FINALS

    1. Qualification for finals shall be determined by IWB from competition scoresheets.
    2. To be eligible to participate in a finals series, a player must meet one of the following criteria:
      1. Participate in at least 50% of total round games where the qualifying number of games is a whole number or rounded up to the next whole number (i.e. 5.5 games shall equate to a minimum qualifying level of 6 games).
      2. Submit and have approved a request for exemption from the above qualification requirement. This request should be made in writing and include medical certificates and/or any other relevant information. Such requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
    3. It is the team’s responsibility to check a player’s eligibility with IWB administration.
    4. Byes do not count as qualifying games.
    5. Double result games count as single games for eligibility purposes.
    6. Any team playing an ineligible player in a Finals game shall forfeit that game.
    7. Where a team is ruled ineligible for Finals or an eligible team notifies of their intention to forfeit, the association reserves the right to offer that place in the finals to the next highest team determined on the competition ladder.
    8. IWB reserves the right to rule a player or team ineligible for reasons outside standard qualification.

    1. Fixture times are randomly generated.  Specific requests for a change in timeslot will be assessed on a case by case basis by the competition manager.  Requests must be made 7 days in  advance.
    2. Finals fixtures – where there are options for different timeslots for any Finals, the team finishing higher in the regular season ladder will have the right to select the timeslot.
    3. Fixture changes – the competition manager will have final discretion on fixture timing and teams must review fixtures up to the match day.  No fixtures will be amended in the 24 hours till match day unless an error or double fixture has been made.

    1. Any other person that enters any of the various IWB venues or functions is expected to abide by the above listed by-laws and will be dealt with in compliance with section 11 of the by-laws.

    1. The IWB and/or General Manager are entitled to make decisions or rulings on any matter or issue not specifically covered by these by-laws not withstanding the FIBA Rules of Basketball.
    2. Any recommendations or proposals for amendments to these by-laws must be submitted in writing to the IWB or General Manager.