Trials & Selection Process

At Inner West Bulls, our representative trial process is conducted over 4 weeks commencing with 2 weeks of open trials for players from other associations or players who have not previously played representative basketball.  This is followed by 2 weeks of invitation only trials.  Keep an eye on our socials for more details.

After these 2 weeks of trials, our Coaches will determine who they wish to invite back for the next stage of invitation only trials conducted in weeks 3 and 4 of the trial period.

If you are selected to return for the invitation only trials commencing in week 3 you will be advised by email in the preceding week. Representative players for the Inner West Bulls will join trials at this point.

After this week, there is one final week of invitation only trials in week 4. All Players will receive information on their invitation to this trial by this coming Wednesday, November 8. After the trial all players will be  notified of final selections by the following Friday.

If you have not received notification by Saturday morning, please  contact us. We know everyone is excited, but if you could assist by not making contact before that time, that would be  super appreciated!!

Teams will be posted on the Inner West website by the Saturday after the completion of trials.

Coaches may at their discretion, decide to reduce the number of players trialling at any point during the trial process.