Basketball BNSW Statement – Coronavirus – 13/3/20

BNSW is working with regulatory bodies to better understand the unfolding impacts of the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic.

At this time Basketball NSW events will proceed  However, based upon recommendations from Public Health authorities we ask you assess your personal situation before participating or attending in BNSW or similar events. These include but are not limited to:

-Your own health condition

-The general health of your family

-How you will minimise contracting or passing on any infection such as Covid 19.

We all have an important role to play in protecting ourselves and those around us, so please consider these factors carefully.

As our government provides further advice, we will share that with you.

Finally, BNSW is currently assessing the wider impact of Covid 19 virus on such things as Competitions, Team selections and general sporting activity in consultation with experts in this field.

As you can imagine our primary focus is on understanding the situation and guiding our community according to health expert guidelines.

We will issue further statements next week after consultation with the Health authorities, Basketball Australia’s Medical Officer, other states and territories, the NBL and other sports.

Please look after yourselves and the people around you.