Statement (14/3/20) – Covid-19 – Inner West Bulls



Message for parents around domestic basketball competition:


Dear Bulls community,

We have been advised per the below that all NSW Basketball representative have been stood down as a cautionary measure around the current Coronavirus health crises per the below message.

We are continuing to actively monitor the guidance on coronavirus and at this stage will proceed with domestic competitions tonight and tomorrow with important caveats:

  1. Attendees practice social distancing and avoid unnecessary contact (high fives; handshakes etc)
  2. Vulnerable groups (elderly; those with pre-existing conditions etc) should avoid attending
  3. Under no circumstances should any competitor or spectator attend who has even mild cold or flu-like symptoms
  4. All attendees practice good hygiene (hand cleansing etc)
  5. If teams are uncomfortable attending they are able to forfeit at no penalty (games will be deemed a draw)

Per the below advice the Bulls will actively consult with Basketball NSW next week on the status of competitions going forward.

We also encourage teams and associations to bring extras towels to wipe sweat off the ball and participants as much as possible and to bring plastic to put these in after use. Also antibacterial wipes can be used as well and need to be disposed of in a covered bin.

We recommend that all participants and spectators leave the venue at the conclusion of their game and don’t be at the venue any longer then required.

If coughing or sneezing needs to be into a tissue or bent elbow and hands washed immediately after.


Kind regards

Seamus Collins

Bulls General Manager


Below are the details sent from Basketball Australia and Basketball NSW. Reps basketball has been cancelled by BNSW as there are generally more people that attend or are involved in this process compared to local competitions.


Message from Basketball NSW


Basketball NSW has made the decision to suspend all Basketball NSW managed programs, events and fixtures until further notice.


To read Basketball Australia statement on the Coronavirus please click on the link below.

Basketball NSW will consult with local associations regarding their own domestic competitions next week.


We apologies for any inconvenience caused to our basketball family, however, the health and welfare of players, staff, officials and fans is paramount.