Health Update – Coronavirus – 12/3/20

Please find below, updated information from Basketball NSW.

“Dear Members, Associations, Basketball families and fans

As the World Health Organisation (WHO) escalated COVID-19 (Commonly knows as Novel Corona Virus) as a global pandemic overnight, further advice is going to be provided to us from various sources.

It is important we follow the advice of the Health Authorities and our government and not listen to second-hand information from various people who may feel they are in the know.

The NSW Chief Medical Officer and both the State and Federal government have now provided further advice.

The link below includes the Chief Medical Officer’s and Our Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s advice from this morning.

As the situation with COVID-19 evolves we want to assure our local community, that we are following direct advice from the Federal & State Governments, NSW Health Authorities and Basketball Australia.

As of today Thursday 12th of March, we confirm all games scheduled for this coming weekend will proceed as planned.  We recommend for family or guardians accompanying children to junior competitions be the only people attending the games across the states to minimize any potential risk of exposure.

We also recommend each host of games follow the guidelines provided be government below and the main consideration is for people who are unwell not to attend games and to self-exclude.

The situation is evolving we will provide updated advise, however it is also important you seek updated advice directly through the link below which is from the NSW Health Chief Medical Officer. Government is focusing on containing local transmission of the virus. Most of the current 77 cases confirmed have been from people arriving from overseas and people being in direct contact with those people.

It is also important we follow the guidelines from the health experts these include;

  • Be a bit more aware and follow the precautions provided by government
  • If you have been overseas please self exclude from major gatherings over a period of time.
  • If you have been overseas please self exclude if you are feeling unwell.
  • Major gatherings can still proceed but people are being asked to self-exclude if they have been overseas, be self-aware in regards to how you feel and if you feeling unwell do not attend and of course practice good hygiene.
  • Not attending work, or in our case, sporting events when feeling unwell.
  • Do not attend age care facilities or visit hospitals if you have been overseas or are feeling unwell.
  • It is important we think about hygiene and this includes, washing hands, shaking hands- respect it as being optional and of course to not share equipment such as whistles.

I would like to assure you we will continue to stay abreast of further advice from the health authorities as they become available.

For those who are seeking direct sports advice please use the Australian Institute of Sport link here:

We will publish updated advice on our website and publish on our Social media platform as they become available.

Stay well, stay calm and stay safe”